i3 Cares serves as a vehicle for our i3 family and friends to reach out to and serve our local and global communities.

If you’re interested in getting involved, if you have any questions, please contact our board at i3cares@i3-corps.com

Our Projects

Not Forgotten is an organization that is compelled by the love of Christ to provide for the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of impoverished, abandoned, and oppressed people of the world so that they may improve their quality of life, find salvation through Jesus Christ, and be empowered to affect change in their communities.

Our vision at University Place Elementary School is to ensure that our students comprised of diverse cultures and varied learning styles are provided with a sound educational foundation.

Our goal is to secure the future of 305 8th Street to ensure that the home will continue to operate for a growing number of adults with diverse mental challenges – autism, brain injury, cerebral palsy, intellectual deficiency, and mental illness — giving them a family and a place they can call home.

This ministry, guided by Mark Stearns, Director of Mercy Ministries at Southwood Presbyterian Church (PCA), seeks to impact the residents of this community through many avenues. The first stages of the ministry began in Lincoln Elementary School and has now spread throughout Lincoln Village. In hopes of furthering the reach of this ministry we provided financial and personnel support for the program.